Huntsville, Alabama
April 28, 2003

Dear Fellow Republican,

I am happy to say that we are continuing to get strong encouragement for what we're doing in regard to curbing the AEA. In addition to the e-mail responses we are getting from individual republicans, I will mention a couple of other things. (If this is the first e-mail you have received in this series you may want to first read the earlier ones.)

On Tuesday I was on Don Markwell's talk show. Don has a long-running and popular talk show program on WACV 1170 in Montgomery. I had expected to be on for only a few minutes, but stayed on for a full half-hour, only giving way when Jeff Sessions came on as scheduled. Don graciously allowed me the time to explain what I was up to and why. Being a conservative himself, and an intelligent one, he fully understands the problem with the AEA, and was encouraging in his comments. I have heard indirectly from several listeners in the Montgomery area who heard the program. (Have you ever wondered why guerrillas staging a coup in a banana republic first capture the radio station?)

Secondly, I fortuitously came upon a very well known and highly respected Republican Thursday evening at the Huntsville Marriott. After cordial greetings, he brought up my favorite subject. He had apparently given it a lot of thought, and remarked on fresh evidence seen by the Riley Administration of the power of AEA Czar Paul Hubbert and the negative effect it is having on education and on the state generally. He made a particularly good suggestion, which I plan to take to heart, and urged us to continue to push forward. Interestingly I had several days earlier gotten the same general response from a prominent woman in the Party.

In sum, all the evidence I see tells me that now is the time to curb Czar Hubbert and his monstrous anti-education union, and that we Republicans are the ones, probably the only ones, to do it. But how to proceed?

Let me bring to the fore an obvious fact: We cannot ask anyone else to do something that we are unwilling to do ourselves. We can't ask others to abjure the AEA when we ourselves, indeed the leaders of our own party, are asking for their favors. By which I mean, of course, taking their payola. So step one must necessarily be to reform ourselves. Fairly soon now we must get to the details of how to proceed.

Meanwhile below are the recently-received contents of our mailbox.


I did not get a chance to speak to you this weekend, but I wanted to introduce myself and to thank you for your great work regarding the AEA. I am very interested in seeing AEA disclosed for what it (like the NEA) really is: a liberal, power-hungry institution that only seeks to perpetuate itself and centralize authority under its umbrella, regardless of the outcome (failing, politicized schools). This is especially obvious when the concept of vouchers (or just general competition from private schools) is mentioned. The AEA will do anything to keep the real causes of the failing schools out of the limelight, that being that the AEA sees schools as political instruments of social engineering (and as a place to get and keep a job when you cannot compete in the marketplace) instead of institutions dedicated only to excellence in education (which would emphasize hard work, merit and discipline, and would diminish things like tenure, PC speech and instruction, and over-administration). Simply put, the AEA doesn't want to lose its power and money. Therefore, I am very glad to see the increasing influence that your organization is having. I currently serve as the Chairman for the Capital City Young Republicans, and I can tell you that your e-mails have made the rounds in our group. Keep up the good work!


Give them hell, Hugh! Count on me for support!


If Sanderford voted for the reason stated, then shame on him! That is no excuse! What Sanderford is saying is that he put his own interest ahead of the people and he is nothing but "just another politician." Shame, shame...


Unless we elect people who have the character to stand on principles, we will never improve the conditions in our state. At this point, the majority of the Legislature do not possess that quality.


What's needed is a yin to the yang of the AEA. That would be a Parents of Publicly Schooled Children, or PPSC, which would collect dues and buy political influence just like everyone else. I had advocated such an idea for a pro-growth PAC to J. Stephen Moore of CATO several years ago, and they started the Club for Growth, which supports the candidates who promote free market ideas. This is my suggestion, for what it's worth. Hope you are well.


Enjoyed the message on the Democratically-controlled AEA and its liberals like Paul Hubbert. Our Party needs to work toward forming its own association to draw influence and power away from the AEA and offer it to conservative teachers who want a choice.


Another interesting bit of information is the amount of money AEA spends on candidates each election year. The Huntsville Times published some weeks ago an article about how much PAC money was spent by all the different PACs in the state. AEA out spent by hundreds of thousands. That's why the Sanderfords and Garners of the world vote in favor of AEA. I would love to see who and how much each candidate takes from AEA. I make it a habit not to vote for ANY one who takes money from AEA even if they are Republican.


Hugh McInnish
Madison County, Place 1
State Executive Committee

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