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Althea Knight Huber, Hale County (Greensboro) Chairman, writes as follows:


Good for you, Hugh McInnish!

I have been aware of the problems with NEA for more than 40 years. I was living in the San Fernando Valley, and my Alabama grandmother sent me an article about the NEA. I think it was when they were touting "social promotions." Title of the article was something like "No One-legged Quarterbacks." (I was a young mother of pre-schoolers at the time.)

She raised my consciousness. I became an "NEA watcher". Awful!

Years later, I read: "NEA: The Trojan Horse in Our Education System" by Sam Blumenthal. It is a MUST READ. (I think I sent my copy to Victor Poole when he was on State Board of Education. I was still in California, but very aware of the Humanism lawsuit in Mobile.)

Seems to me that AEA - and Paul Hubbert - are pawns of NEA. Shocking. I do appreciate what you are doing!

(I just hate it when people mispronounce my name and make it "Hubbert" - tho it never bothered me before PAUL Hubbert. In Alabama, I say: "No! NOT 'HUBBERT'. My name has no T and has a long U! Don't confuse my name with PAUL HUBBERT's!)

Thanks again. Most people do NOT seem to be aware!

Althea Knight Huber


Some Party members defend our taking of Hubbert's money with the idea that we can "just take his money and then vote against him." I believe this to be nonsense, and will state my case here:


Take Their Money and Vote Against Them?

"Why don't we just take their money-- and vote against them?" Now, the antecedent underlying the pronouns in this question is of course the AEA, and this is the one question with which my friends most frequently confront me these days.

I explain all the good reasons why we Republicans ought not to take money from Paul Hubbert, the AEA Czar, and a conservative friend will agree with me that Hubbert and his union are the biggest bar to educational progress in the state, that he is the foremost Liberal Democrat in Alabama, and that his values are nearly the opposite of ours. But then my friend will counter with the question just given. What could be more simple or more obvious? Just take AEA's money, go our way, and do exactly as we please. And the confidence in his tone makes it clear that my questioner believes this disposes of the question. In my mind's eye I see him dusting his hands.

I would argue, however, that it does nothing of the kind. The thing that devastates this idea is the unstated assumption that lurks beneath it. The assumption is that Paul Hubbert is an unalloyed fool, that he gives us a million dollars (his words) and gets nothing whatever in return!

Paul Hubbert a fool? He who has built up the largest union/political machine in the state? The one who stands in the visitor's gallery in the state house and uses hand signals to telegraph legislators how to vote? A man so senseless that he, willy-nilly, dispenses to his political party's opponents large sums of money with no advantage coming to him for it? I hardly think so. We can accurately criticize Hubbert for many things, but being a witless fool is not one of them. Quod erat demonstrandum!

And this begs the question: Who in this scene is the exploited fool-and who the exploiter?

I earnestly hope that none of my friends embarrass me by taking to the public forum and arguing that money from Hubbert has no strings attached.


We are continuing to work on our website and believe that it will become a very useful tool. Although Pam Baker has withdrawn her name from consideration for appointment to the State School Board, an article written earlier is still significant for its analysis of the critical political balance on the Board. See it at:


Please continue to write us your thoughts and suggestions. It would be especially good if you could give us short pieces for publication just as Althea Knight Huber has done in her comments above.


Several of us are in conversation about how to proceed to curb the AEA. More information to follow soon!


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