Stop the Tax! Newsletter




Hugh McInnish

Bulletin Dr. Joe Morton has removed the Southern Poverty Law Center from the agenda for Character Education. Dr. Morton has done the right thing, and we should commend him for it. Also we should most heartily commend those many who responded to the alarm and expressed their concern to Dr. Morton and others.

To one of his email correspondents Dr. Morton replied as follows:

Thank you. The Southern Poverty Law Center's small portion on the program has been removed.

This is not the time to be overly augmentative, but the fact is that the SPLC had a large, not a small, part assigned to them. According to the published agenda, they were slated to open the meeting at 8:30 and run it until 9:45. The agenda described this period as the "Opening and Keynote Session."

While grateful for Dr. Morton's wise action, we should realize the implication of the fact that this thing went as far as it did. Coming from the head of the Department of Education, it paints a most dreadful picture of the culture apparently embedded in the whole department. The anticipated scenario is simple and plain to see: In the midst of doughnuts, coffee, and happy camaraderie, the homosexual agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center is transmitted to teachers, and thence to the teacher's students. Can you imagine a more chilling prospect?

Once again, vigilance is-- oh, but you know the rest.

6 Apr 04