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Before the State Board of Education


Hugh McInnish

I made the 400-mile trip to Montgomery and back Thursday-- bad weather all the way. The snow melted as soon as it hit my windshield, but in a three-mile band north of Cullman it was sticking on the roadside. No snow north of the band, and none south, just that one narrow zone of unpredictable winter weather.

I was not driving for pleasure. I had an appointment with the State Board of Education on the subject of the Alabama Course of Study for Social Studies. My role was to discuss the Minority Report that Steven King, who was also a member of the Committee, and I had submitted.

Our objections we explained in our report centered on the use of BCE and CE, the new politically-correct terms for BC and AD. I have written previously concerning the details of this report.

I had five minutes to make my remarks, and the script I used is printed below. Dr. David Beito, a history professor from the University of Alabama, and Margaret Brown from the Eagle Forum also addressed the Board and made recommendations for change.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Joe Morton, the Acting Superintendent of Education, agreed to place the Minority Report on the Education Department's website alongside the Majority Report that is already there. He also directed that the Study Committee be called back into session to consider the recommended changes. He added that he planned to take a hand in the deliberations himself.

Remarks to the Alabama State BOE

February 26, 2004

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for allowing me here before you today.

Let me, to use the popular vernacular, tell you "where I'm coming from." I believe in what Margaret Thatcher calls "the attack upon the West." I believe that Western Civilization is indeed under a potentially deadly assault, and this great fear lies at the base of what I am about to say.

One spear in the hands of the attackers is aimed at the root of our civilization, religion, and at the flowers that spring from it-- marriage, the family, and the sanctity of life. This is a clever and very efficient strategy. Merely sever the root and all else dies.

You have our Minority Report, and you will have seen that our first objection is to the use of BCE and CE in place of the traditional BC and AD. For centuries the latter terms have been in use in the Western World, in fact in most of the world, and their replacement can have no motive other than the weakening of religion.

Our second objection was against the advocacy of globalism, multiculturalism and its cousin, diversity. In our report we cited a long list of instances in which an attempt to establish a multicultural nation has ended in tragedy, and even crimes against humanity. Examples of multiculturalism producing good things are apparently non-existent.

With your indulgence let me try a 30-second experiment:

Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren. Ich werde nur ein paar Worter sprechen, weil die Zeit so kurtz ist. Alle dass mir verstehen kann,bitte die Haende oben!

Now, what I said was very simple. I said, "Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am going to say only a few words because the time is so short. Everyone that can understand me please raise your hands. So why didn't you raise your hands? Well, you know why, because you couldn't understand me. And why not? Because I wasn't speaking English.

What a tragedy if ever America should become bilingual. And yet at this very moment a group in the Southwest called La Raza, The Race, is working to cause just that. And they are doing a lot more. They say that they are going to demographically overwhelm English-speakers, take over the governments of several states, and cede them to Mexico. I don't say that they will succeed tomorrow, but they are deadly serious, and have the potential, especially with the encouragement from the multiculturalists, to create much pain and turmoil.

A book is composed of many pages, each one unique and essential, but all held together by a strong binding to form a coherent whole. But let the thread and glue decay and the leaves will flutter into an unintelligible jumble. As with the book, so it is with a people. Break the binding of a common language and they will collapse into disharmony.

I ask you not to lend encouragement to La Raza and others of their sort. Let us keep unity in this wonderful country of ours. Let us not foolishly toss aside the great advantages that we have. And most importantly of all, let us protect Western Civilization.

Please give the most careful thought to our Minority Report.

Thank you.

After I finished my prepared remarks I added a few more ad lib:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to just add another few lines ad lib. I am one of the non-educators that served on the committee. I have said, not entirely facetiously, that my strength, to the extent I may have one, is my ignorance.

I mean, I am outside the system and maybe see things with slightly different eyes from those who have spent their careers in education. And I think that many ordinary parents and taxpayers see things about the way I do.

You know that the public schools are loosing students-- to private schools, religious schools, and especially to the booming groups of home schoolers. And I believe that some of the reasons you are seeing students leave have to do with the topics I have been discussing. I will leave you with that thought.

And thank you again.

28 Feb 04