Stop the Tax! Newsletter




Hugh McInnish

Gone now all the squirming and whispering, all the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth. Gone, too, all the frustration and disgust with those who say, "I'm going to just take his money and vote against him."

Huntsville Times No more equivocation, ambivalence, or hypocrisy. We have breeched the Rubicon. Appeasement has failed, and now it's time for war-- guerre, jihad, blitzkrieg! It's time for an all-out attack on Czar Hubbert and his AEA mercenaries, as well as any Republican legislators who continue to cower in his shadow. It's time to fight for Alabama!

Saturday the Alabama GOP fired the shot heard from the Gulf to the border of Tennessee. We passed a resolution which deplores the practices of the AEA, so injurious to our children, and which

  1. resolves that the State Party will take no money from the AEA, and
  2. encourages candidates to refrain from taking AEA money, and
  3. urges the passage of legislation to require written permission from teachers before their dues may be used for political purposes, and
  4. urges spreading the word about alternative teacher organizations.

Sunday morning The Huntsville Times carried a front-page, above-the-fold article describing the resolution. Chairman Marty Conners was quoted as saying, "The problem with Alabama is the teacher's union. We're fed up with this union that has absolutely nothing to do with education." And he is 100 percent correct.

Paul Hubbert was "dismissive." He was also his usual arrogant self, promising not to "flex" his muscle. He said that Marty Conners had forgotten that the AEA worked on Republican primaries too. He further said that "I don't imagine that [the resolution] will strike terror in the hearts of legislators."

Well, we shall see. Who is Hubbbert trying to convince? It is true that the resolution is only a prerequisite to the real action which must follow. Hubbert is probably sincere in his comments, his arrogance and narcissism prohibiting his admitting any vulnerability to himself. And, too, our RINOs may well be in denial.

But deny it as you will, yesterday drew as clear a battle line as has been seen in Alabama in many a moon.

23 Feb 04