Stop the Tax! Newsletter


Enforce Our Immigration Laws!


Hugh McInnish

My last message dealt with what is arguably the most serious problem we have in the state, namely that of the dominance of Paul Hubbert in Alabama politics.

But Alabama is firmly attached to the North American landmass, and what affects the whole country affects us. National problems are Alabama problems, and if there is a greater national problem than that of illegal immigration it has escaped my view.

In the Southwest there is an organization known as La Raza, the Race, which is the epitome of the problems caused by the foolishness of our immigration policy. The members of La Raza openly proclaim that they are going to obtain demographic superiority, through immigration legal and illegal, take over several states, and annex them to Mexico.

Don't laugh. These people are serious. And they must be stopped. They cannot be stopped, however, if we don't change our immigration policy and begin enforcing our laws. And we can't do that unless we can get Washington's attention and demand that something be done.

I have submitted a resolution to the Republican State Party addressing this problem and I hope to see it passed this weekend at the state meeting in Montgomery.

I show the resolution below. Please use your influence to urge its passage.



WHEREAS, there are in the United States an unknown number of illegal immigrants estimated to be from 8 to 15 million; and

WHEREAS, the failure of the Federal Government to enforce our immigration laws is causing irreparable harm to our country in that such a mass of unassimilated aliens can result in the tragedy of bilingualism and biculturalism taking root in the United States, thereby compromising our national unity and our strength; and

WHEREAS, there are other serious consequences of our present unchecked illegal immigration, and these include:

  1. Encouraging disrespect for the law,
  2. Placing a monumental burden on our welfare system,
  3. Straining our schools by requiring instruction in two languages,
  4. Depressing wages,
  5. Displacing legal American workers,
  6. Intensifying environmental problems, and
  7. Increasing the tax burden on American families; and

WHEREAS, polls repeatedly show that Hispanics, together with all other segments of American society, strongly support reform of our flawed immigration policy; and

WHEREAS, advocating reform would be a healthy coincidence of doing what is right and doing what is politically profitable; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF ALABAMA, that this Party urge the Federal Government to move expeditiously to seal our borders against this veritable foreign invasion, and to employ all practical and legal measures required to achieve this end, not excluding the erection of physical barriers and the use of military personnel; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that no amnesty should be granted to illegal aliens, but that our immigration laws should be enforced, and illegal aliens removed from the country in accordance with those laws; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we call upon our delegates to the Republican National Convention to use their votes and influence to place in the Party's platform a plank which contains the substance of this resolution.

18 Feb 04