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Blow Out the AEA's Candle


Hugh McInnish

It is time to declare Paul Hubbert persona non grata in the Republican Party. Anything less is an absurdity.

Fresh evidence that our continued association with him is absurd, in case anyone thinks we need it, has just come to hand. AEA Czar Hubbert has just mailed out a glitzy, seven-piece package to "all K-14 school employees and all retirees." In other words to every member of his far-flung empire. Note that this includes the junior colleges. This package is expensive to print and mail, and could very easily cost $100 thousand or more. And every penny of it comes from the tribute Hubbert demands from his teachers' paychecks each month.

The mail out is poured full to the brim with Paul's Poison. Of particular interest is this: "Refusing to pay the cost of educating our children, the chairman of the Republican Party, big business, and the Riley appointed commissions have all recommended robbing you of what you have earned and what the state has promised you." (Emphasis added.) And this from a man who just months ago told us of his extending "the hand of fellowship" to the Party. (Hear him in his own voice.)

So that's Hubbert's take on things, is it? Alabama pays our teachers more than any of the four contiguous states except one, and this power-hungry union boss accuses our Chairman and Governor Riley, along with other alleged hoods, of robbing them! It would be shameful if we should continue our association with this man, continue to take his money, continue to pay him homage.

At our State Meeting in Montgomery this weekend I will be advocating a resolution aimed at our Party's cutting all ties with Paul Hubbert and his AEA.

Here is the resolution in a nutshell:

  • After reciting the destructive influence the Teachers Union has on the state, including the fact that, as the child of the NEA, it supports all its abhorrent policies, the resolution declares that no progress can be made in education in Alabama until the Union is curbed, and it calls for the following:
  • The State Party to refuse all contributions from the AEA, whether direct or indirect.
  • The Party to call on all Republican candidates to do the same.
  • The Party to help promulgate the existence of non-union professional teachers' organizations which are attractive alternatives to the AEA.
  • The Party to ask for legislation requiring the AEA to get written permission each year from any teacher willing to have her dues used for political purposes.

The Alabama Republican Party should pass this resolution. It is the right thing to do. It is right for the State, it is right for our schools, and above all it is right for our students. Moreover, it will make a marvelous wedge issue between us and our Democrat opponents. The Democrats are trapped. They cannot possibly disavow Paul Hubbert and his Union, because they are their party's strongest component. We are not trapped. We have a choice, and that choice should be to proceed as outlined in the proposed resolution.

In the same mail out I mentioned earlier Hubbert says, "Doesn't it make you angry that these people want to take your paycheck, your insurance, your jobs, your retirement, and punish you." (emphasis added.) Well there is certainly a place for healthy anger here, but not directed to the false targets suggested by Czar Hubbert. Rather it should be directed to Hubbert himself for all his chicanery, that just quoted being but one recent example.

If you are a member of the State Executive Committee, I earnestly hope that you will vote for this resolution. If you are not a member, you most likely know people who are. Please prevail on them to vote for it.

And incidentally, if in your advocacy of the resolution you hear from some whining politician that he plans to "take Hubbert's money, then ignore him," I hope that, using all the tact you can summon, you will ask your friend to kindly stop insulting your intelligence. To buy this nonsensical line you must believe that Hubbert is a fool, that he dispenses money to the winds, never expecting anything in return. Hubbert is many things, but a fool he is not.

The entire resolution is shown below.



WHEREAS, the Alabama Education Association was once a revered professional association of teachers dedicated to their students and to their profession, but has in recent times evolved into an avaricious labor union whose paramount interest is not the children enrolled in the schools of the State, but the self-aggrandizement of the union leaders themselves, with the result that education has become strongly politicized in this State; and

WHEREAS, the AEA is the largest labor union in the State, and the great political power amassed by the AEA is used to block urgently needed educational reforms; and

WHEREAS, the AEA is the child of the radically liberal National Education Association, an organization renowned for its espousal of causes that are anti-religious and anti-American, and which are directed to the destruction of traditional values of this Nation; and

WHEREAS, the AEA directly supports these causes by transferring to the NEA, for their mistaken purposes, monies collected as dues from teachers; and

WHEREAS, the aforementioned causes are abhorrent to Alabamians and to many teachers who resent having their dues spent in political causes with which they disagree, but who nevertheless feel compelled to join the AEA because of ignorance of alternatives, or because they believe the AEA propaganda regarding the hazard of exposure to lawsuits; and

WHEREAS, there are in fact excellent alternatives to the AEA which are non-political, are not unions, but true professional organizations devoted to the inculcation of traditional American values, which put the welfare of students first, which provide excellent insurance against lawsuits, which spend none of there members' dues on political causes, and with which teachers can associate for a fraction of the cost of belonging to the AEA; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF ALABAMA, that it is the sense of this Party that no progress can be made in education in this State until the power of the AEA is curbed and education is de-politicized, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that henceforth this Party will accept no money from the AEA, either directly or indirectly, and that officeholders and candidates are discouraged from accepting such money; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we call upon Republican legislators to introduce and support legislation requiring each year a written declaration from such teachers as may wish for part of their union dues which are withheld from their salaries to be used for political purposes, and that in the absence of such declaration no part of such dues may be used for such purposes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Republicans throughout the state be encouraged to promulgate the fact of the existence of healthy alternatives to the AEA, and urge teachers to sever their memberships with the latter in favor of one of these alternatives.

17 Feb 04