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Hugh McInnish

I have received interesting responses from my last newsletter. The son of a former governor, a Baptist preacher, a chairman of a Republican county committee, a newspaper publisher, and sundry other alert and concerned correspondents have taken up the pen.

One correspondent disagrees with my criticism of the use of the terms BCE and CE in lieu of the traditional BC and AD, but agrees with my strong objection to multiculturalism and globalism. I offer these comments in response:

Multiculturalism, globalism, and the use of BCE and CE are three threads running through the same fabric. They help form the cloth which is designed to smother Western Civilization. Multiculturalism will divide us, destroy our unity and hence our strength. Globalism puts other cultures on a par with ours. It is an extension of the absurd egalitarian idea to a global scale. Globalism will merge us into an amorphous goo in which we lose our sovereignty and must pledge our allegiance, and pay our taxes, to the UN. (Can anyone doubt that Kofi Annan would demand such a tax the day he thinks he can get away with it?)

Outlawing the use of BC and AD fits nicely into the overall scheme of Western Civilization's assailants. It is an artifice to cut us off from the past, put a wedge between Christianity and Western Civilization, and get us to forget the connection between them. But Christianity and Western Civilization are as intimately connected as are the root and the leaf. Separate the two and they both die.

When I first started hearing these obnoxious terms BCE and CE, I wondered, Where on earth did this stuff come from? In general, if a change to anything so ingrained as the use of BC and AD were contemplated, you would expect to hear a discussion of alternative proposals for the change preceding and agreement on a particular change. But I know of no debate, no discussion of alternatives in this instance. Evidently "they" just got together, decided that this was it, and sprang it on us. But who are "they"? Read on.

In an attempt to shed some light, one correspondent, whose letter you will see below, cites a scholarly journal which says that the new terms were "coined by modern Israeli scholars." Should this turn out to be accurate, it would not weaken my objection. I would hate to think that we are allowing a foreign country to dictate cultural changes to us.

I want to thank everyone who has responded with their letters for taking the time to write. Below you will see what they have written.


I carefully read your newsletter this morning. You dutifully expressed the threat our country faces from the elite forces, not abroad, but among us. The attack is always inside "public education" because their goal is to confuse and influence the minds of our young people. The same is true with their constant cry of "separation of church and state" which as you know does not exist in our constitution, but many believe it does because they have been bombarded with it at every turn, and their limited knowledge of American history prevents them from separating truth from fiction. I, too, believe a strong study and accurate depiction of history is critical to our nation.

Thanks for a well " thought out" message.

Tim James

AWESOME newsletter! Please continue to keep us informed.

Truly, if the good men are silent, only the wicked are heard. Truly, the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men well-meaning but without understanding (Louis P. Brandeis, former U.S. Senator and Supreme Court Justice, in a 1928 speech on the floor of the United States Senate). Truly, if men do not know history they are doomed to repeat [and worsen] it.



You have hit the nail directly on its head. I was a social studies teacher a long time ago, and I support your understanding of the issues completely. You have stated, and very well I might add, exactly what a great many social studies teachers have felt, but were afraid to speak up for fear of retribution from groups like the NAACP, Rainbow Coalition, ACLU and many others. A teacher out of work gets just as hungry as an illiterate homeless person, and the reputation of such a termination scares the individual for life, and it usually prevents a teacher from ever obtaining another job in the profession.

We, the true Americans, are the beacon of freedom and independence, and we are a major stumbling block in the path of those who seek a World Government.

The enemy within our own nation is the most deadly enemy of all. We can take on and defeat any nation that is so mentally deranged that they attack the US, but we stumble over ourselves and appear almost helpless to those internal threats that are more than ready to turn over everyone's soul to the devil.

Thank you for taking your time and fighting a fight that will be appreciated for many generations. You are a credit to the nation that you so obviously love. I am proud to know you and call you friend.

Tom Wallace

A friend of ours, Alfred J. Hoerth, has written a book, Archaeology and the Old Testament, and on a page of abbreviations he notes the following:

"Unless otherwise indictated, all dates are B.C. The abbreviations B.C.E. ('before common era') and C.E. ('common era'), coined by modern Israeli scholars to replace B.C. and A.D,.may be encountered in writings about the Bible. For reactions to these alternate designations, see BAR 22/5 (1996): 8, 10, 12."

BAR is the Biblical Archaeology Review.

I hope that this is helpful.

I look forward to reading your thought-provoking, insightful articles and I am sure that there are others too, that appreciate what you are doing!

Walter Stenberg

I disagree with you on insisting upon using BC and AD, instead of using the new terms BCE and CE, and I favor use of BCE and CE. The traditional use of BC and AD are strictly religious terms, and no amount of historical rationalization will change that. It doesn't matter if there are other calendars, there is just no reason to force people of other religions, or of no religion, to continue using a religious designation for dating.

Substitution of the non-religious terms BCE and CE is not a sudden atheistic plot by "someone," but is a relatively new worldwide standard which has been in use in virtually all scientific popular books and science text books written during the last 5 years or so. I suppose a hundred years ago, when a similar change took place when quoting dates, (they always used to say "in the year of Our Lord 1890," for example), and people began just saying "1898," a lot of religious-oriented people also got upset - but they got over it.

Concerning your second point, "multiculturalism," I agree with you 100 percent that multiculturalism is a grave danger to the future of this nation. Spanish is already almost an official second language. I also agree with you that the key word is "assimilation." The US became great only after assimilating all of these other cultures, but the problem today is that assimilation has ended, and fragmentation has begun.

One interesting point to note is that it is only the White Anglo-Saxon Christian society in the US today that is pushing extreme multiculturism, and is willing to give up power. No other race or religion will ever be so "giving" if they ever get into power. If the White Anglo-Saxon Christians ever give up power, the other races and religions will make sure they never get it back - and it makes no difference whether the nation is South Africa, or the USA.

Name Withheld

I agree with your views on the Education establishment and believe that our culture, which is basically an improvement on that of Europe, has given us the highest living standard in the world and maybe the highest in history. And to say that we need diversity is hard to understand. In the past four years I have made three trips to Russia and stayed in the home of average Russians. I was sup prized to find that their basic values, desires, right and wrongs are very similar to ours. I believe that basic cultural differences break more along religious lines than anything else.

Lewis Scarbrough
Coosa County News

I agree with you on all points. Diversity and multi-culturalism are a dividing factor, not a uniting one. The AC BC function is another attempt to remove Christ from America. We must stop this effort to destroy our education system.

Jim Burden
Chairman, Limestone County
Republican Party

This week the legislature is conducting themselves like auctioneers and bidders on what things are going to be taxed to the hilt-- soda, timber, car tags, cigarettes, booze, whatever they can get their hands on.

Why aren't we in Montgomery shouting down the Gerald Dials, the Lowell Barrons, the Lucy Baxleys, the asses who are seething to get all the money they can out of us just to soothe the AEA ? What we need is a good, ole-fashioned tax revolt!

What kills me is that the ALGOP is out there trying to defend Riley, Pryor and others just because they are in office. The ALGOP does not run The Republican Party, the Republican citizens do, and if we had a real voice, Bob Riley would not be running this state today.

We need to stand up now. Let's go to Montgomery and BOO every time those slime merchants make a motion from their chairs and attempt to pass another increased TAX ! Let's get some buses and make camp in the balconies in Montgomery. I am sick and tired of the compromising moves of the ALGOP and tax and spend Montgomery Democrats. It's time to throw the bums out.

Tom (chevy57)

This is another good reason to begin the movement to eventually abolish public education.

Joe Wallace

I have read this proposed course of study, and find that the writers have left out any reference to the second amendment of the U. S. Constitution. Are you or Mr. King working to resolve this issue?

Brent Underwood

Citizens of Alabama owe a large debt of gratitude to you and Stephen King for serving on this board. Thank you so much for being two voices of reason in this politically-correct and ludicrous world of diversity and multiculturalism.

Were I starting out today to destroy the USA, I cannot think of a more effective means of doing it than imposing these twin evils of nation ional disunity. The person or persons who first introduced the "Our strength is in our diversity" slogan were masters of deception whose ultimate goal has to have been the destruction of our nation. Unfortunately, too many people who should know better repeat this mantra. Some could even believe it is true. However, many are browbeaten or intimidated into supporting multiculturalism. Thank goodness, you were not. Know that, with what means I have, I will support you on your stand.

Buel Springer

I want to thank you for the fine "Minority Report" on the proceedings and outcome of the recent meeting of the Alabama Course of Study Committee. Just think, if you and Mr. King had not been on the board and there had been just two more educators there, we the people would not have been informed of the maligned course the committee has taken and there would have been little or no objection to its proceedings and result. Please forward my "thanks" to Mr. King, also.

I want to go on record now that I am steadfastly against any more proliferation and support of the idea of diversity and multiculturalism in our nation, especially that which has to do with educating our young people.

I work with a very large corporation that does business on an international scale and sells it products to practically all nations of the world. This company holds regular instruction classes on the value of diversity, multiculturalism and one-world government.

Recently, I have been engaged in traveling to other states in my work and have been appalled at the extent these large companies have gone to promote diversity and multiculturalism, especially considering Spanish, African and Asia cultures. One company has devoted one week a year to promoting cultural diversity by allowing and promoting employees to hold activities during the work day to expound on the values of their culture to the USA. Even the cafeteria is restricted to serving food from that culture for one day.

Surely even the liberals of this society cannot believe that we must chuck away the past 200 plus years of American history in favor of East Indian, Chinese, Mexican, African or Middle East history. If this should be the course, then all Americans should rise up in indignation and demand this entire diversity movement, with all of its ill conceived implications to our educational system be banned and removed for our society.

I do not, we Americans do not, want foreign peoples coming into our nation bent on changing our culture to match the often miserable culture they left. Neither do we Americans want our educators indoctrinating our young people's minds that the American way of life is not appropriate for all people who live within our borders, that there are cultures around the world that are as good as or better than our American culture.

May God help us if we allow this diversity/multiculturalism movement to continue unabated.

Bobby K. Philyaw

It is past time to begin to dismantle the government education system. It is criminal. For openers, the compulsory attendance 'laws' should be done away with. The whole concept of the 'government' educating 'their children' is criminal. Government education has always had the goal of destroying both the family and Christianity. Yet, our people, in the throes of oppression after the destruction of our Christian Republic by the anti-Christian radicals in Lincoln's war, allowed this disaster, the all-powerful socialist tyranny we suffer under today. We must begin to tell the truth about the evil empire and its anti-Christian nature.

Phil Beverly

I am a W.W.II disabled veteran, having served in the U. S. Navy in the South Pacific. I am also a Christian and a Baptist preacher for 50 plus years.

Let me say that I am appalled at the trend of those who are educating our children, and the trend of our governmental leaders in this thing called being politically correct. This is America and the teachings of multiculturalism and diversity is destroying America and this is happening in our schools.

If a foreigner desires to come to America, first he needs to come through our borders legally, and not in violation of our laws.

I let me say that I totally agree with you that we are being destroyed from within, because of the lack of teaching patriotism and loyalty to country. When we allow the minority to dictate to the majority that they want one nation under God removed from the pledge of Allegiance because of their atheistic views, we are inviting the destruction of our blessed America and our freedoms.

We in America speak the English language. No one should be able to get a social security card, nor a drivers license, nor have voting rights, nor any benefits provided by our government until they become legal aliens and can speak the English language.

Millard G. Mann

You have written a powerful article and let's hope it causes others to think about the consequences of multiculturalism and diversity.

I am not an educator or even a college graduate, but I have seen all along that cultural change is at the root of what many are attempting. A common language is also necessary to unity, and for immigrants it is essential that they learn our common language and abide by our culture.

Duron L. Smith

As an educator I strongly agree with all of your recommendations set forth. We must preserve all aspects of the Founding Fathers intentions for this nation. We ( the silent majority ) continue to sit by as the extreme left slowly and methodically strip away the very foundation of our core beliefs. Thank you for the stand you have taken. I stand with you.

By the way, I'm one of the rare minority that does not belong to Paul Hubbert's A.E.A.

Bonnie Sachs

I agree with your assessment completely. Although the proverbial frog is almost cooked already, I never cease to be amazed by the blatant attempts by supposedly well-intentioned, well-educated, and intelligent persons who allow themselves to be exploited by sinister, un-American forces to undermine our time-tested, and I believe God-ordained, way of life.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for standing in the gap for us. Thank you for alerting us to this insidious plan to eliminate references to "B.C." and "A.D." from our textbooks and to attack the concept of the "United States of America" by substituting, eventually, the "Multicultural States of Diversity". God Bless You, my friend!

Brice Marsh

Public Schools have never been our friends, and they never will be. Even in the days of Ozzie and Harriet, when I was growing up, they were only conservative at best. Had they been teaching students true (Christian) education today's grandparents and parents would not be so ignorant of how to apply their Christianity to everyday life. We don't need to turn back to the '50s, we need to turn back to God. Pruning back a limb (social studies) on the State's ungodly school curriculum will never accomplish the hoped for results for Christians. The only solution is to deal with the tap root, so the public school's religious brainwashing can be done away with completely. Feel free to use or edit the following comments to fit your space.

Buddy Hanson
Christian Policy Network

You have my heartfelt best wishes, but I fear you are fighting a battle that is nearly already lost.

The erudite members of our educational system have reached such a point of liberality as to be unreachable and unchangeable. They have no reasoning powers left and care nothing about the destruction of this nation or our core beliefs. You were an angel of one among the many disciples of Satan. I fear they are rapidly changing our youth into robots to follow their beliefs rather than resourceful individuals capable of independent thought. Oh, they give lip service to independent thought, but in reality, they despise the very idea and do everything in their power to crush it out of today's students, as well as any member of their culture who dare to espouse the ideas of conservatism or independent freedom.

I am a retired Federal Investigator who served this nation for over 30 years so fools like these would have the right to express their ideas. Can you imagine any other country that would give them such a level of freedom? And then they would wish to destroy this country to assure that their own offspring would not have the assurances of such freedom.

Good luck and may God be with you.

Ralph Stark

Thank you for standing against the communist propaganda of the AEA and its corrupt leaders who have no intention of telling its membership or the people of Alabama their true objective. As an American born and reared in the State of Alabama I am appalled at how far the left wing zealot's will go to further their cause of destroying all things we hold dear.

I think the best way to stop the continued corruption of our public schools is to put term limits on all elected officials to be no more than two terms a lifetime, and for anyone connected to a given profession not be allowed to vote or make laws governing their own profession. Now to some this may seem extreme, but to me anything short of this will only lend itself to furthering their communist goals of destruction of the family unit.

Bobby Lewis

Excellent recommendations and analysis of the multicultural, diversity propaganda that has been circulating for the past decade. The attempt to minimize or negate western civilization thoughts and values within our culture is rampant among the educational elites. Keep up the good work and continue to challenge the prevailing 'politically correct' ideas of the educational multiculturalists.

Gary Suttles

9 Feb 04