Stop the Tax! Newsletter


We Stopped the Tax!


Hugh McInnish

We have stopped the tax! But let us recall Churchill: In War: Resolution; In Victory: Magnanimity.

It was through the resolution of a great many good and patriotic people that we were able to turn back the assault. I wouldn't risk the hazard of trying to name all who deserve to be thanked, so numerous are they who made victory possible, but let us all congratulate each other on a job well done. We won two-to-one against powerful opponents who included Paul Hubbert and his powerful union, every major newspaper in the state, most chambers of commerce, many of the clergy, many prominent members of the Republican Party, and of course the Governor of Alabama himself.

But let us incline, not to gloating, but to a Churchillian magnanimity. In the end it was not us, but the citizens of this state who were wise enough to see the truth and to make the right decision. We get a little credit, they get a lot.

As a late-night reporter from The Huntsville Times asked me, Where do we go from here? He meant in regard to the state's budget, but it applies also to the Republican Party. Both questions require much thought. Shall we sleep on them for a night or two?

9 Sep 03