Huntsville, Alabama
August 10, 2003

Dear Fellow Republican,

My e-mails have been coming to you, as this one is, showing that they are from "Alabama Republicans." This is an artifact of the mail program I use, in which the list that I use for this mailing has that name. This may have given the impression that I was speaking for the Party, which of course, I am not.

To avoid that confusion I will henceforward replace "Alabama Republicans" with "Stop the Tax!" I am retaining the old tag with this e-mail in the hope that, forewarned, you will not think that the new name is something foreign, and not make the perfectly awful mistake of deleting my e-mail without reading!

I hope soon to write a few words describing the Tea Party yesterday. But for now just let me say that it was a great success, and I am sorry for any who had to miss it.

Meanwhile all is not lost if you could not make it. Even some who did make it did not get a volunteer package, since the demand exceeded the supply. If you don't have this package please download it here. Altogether there are six pages. On any page scroll to the bottom and use the buttons to go forward or backward.

Sincerely yours,

Hugh McInnish
Madison County, Place 1
State Executive Committee