Huntsville, Alabama
July 19, 2003

Dear Fellow Republican,

The Steering Committee met today for about an hour and passed the resolution given below. It passed by an overwhelming voice, but no record was made of how the individual members voted. According to one Committee member the vote was 19 to 2. I was present outside the meeting room but could not attend the meeting since I am not a member of the Steering Committee.


Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party recognizes Gov. Bob Riley's initial effort in calling for accountability in state government and state spending; and

Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party applauds Gov. Bob Riley's determination to restore integrity to the process of governing, yet recognizing the limited powers of the Executive Branch; and

Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party is and always has been the Party of lower taxes and streamlined government; and

Whereas, the Alabama Legislature passed in special session, legislation that could result in the largest tax increase in the state's history; and

Whereas, the citizens of Alabama will vote on Tuesday, September 9, 2003, whether or not to accept these large tax increases; now therefore;

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE ALABAMA REPUBLICAN PARTY STEERING COMMITTEE that we recommend a vote against these tax increases.

The Secretary of the Party, Sallie Bryant, proposed the resolution shown below. Ms. Bryant delivered a lengthy speech in its support, but it garnered little support and did not pass.

Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party is the Party of less government and lower taxes and will continue to promote such principles; and

Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party believes that years of Democrat control of our state government in Montgomery has left Alabama in the most severe crisis since the Great Depression; and

Whereas, Governor Riley is in the inevitable position of having to make tough decisions that are not always pleasant to Alabama Republicans; and

Whereas; Governor Riley will continue to cut wasteful spending in state government; and

Whereas; Governor Riley is a man of high moral character, integrity and principle;

and Whereas, the Alabama Republican Party does not accept that every component of the Plan addresses the deficiencies in state government, the plan demonstrates significant progress toward reversing the serious, long-term inadequacies created by the Democrats.

Now, therefore, let it be resolved by the steering committee of the Alabama Republican Party, that we commend Governor Bob Riley for his bold initiative in undertaking such an enormous responsibility and we encourage all Republicans to diligently study the governor's proposals and vote accordingly on September 9, 2003; and

Be it further resolved that regardless of the outcome of the referendum on that date, the Alabama Republican Party pledges our continued support to Governor Riley as he seeks solutions to the problems that have plagued Alabama for years.

The threat of the pro-tax faction showing up to lobby the Committee did not materialize. They did hold a caucus, however, across town at another hotel. The media were there, and I am sure that we will hear accounts of statements by them.

Although the resolution that passed seems contradictory in some of its details, the really important sentence is the last one, in which the Committee recommends a no vote on September 9.

Remember, when the full Executive Committee meets next month we will have the opportunity to pass another resolution should we wish to do so.

Enough for now.

Hugh McInnish
Madison County, Place 1
State Executive Committee