Huntsville, Alabama
July 16, 2003

Dear Fellow Republican,

As you know the Steering Committee is meeting Saturday to consider a Resolution concerning the proposed tax referendum.

I hear that the resolution may urge a no vote on the referendum, and that is good.

However I hear that it will offer praise of some sort to the Governor, and that is bad. In fact it will doubtless result in confusion as to what the Committee has said. How can we urge that the Governor's signature program be rejected on the one hand, while praising him on the other? The resolution need not criticize the Governor, but now is emphatically not the time for praise.

I also hear that the meeting is to be closed, and this is also bad. To admit no one but members of the Committee is to give the meeting the aura of a Star Chamber proceeding.

These are critical times facing our Party and it is important that we move carefully to minimize the damage we do to ourselves.

Let's let our voices be heard. Below is a list of the top members of the Steering Committee. Let them hear from you. As a minimum email Marty, your Vice Chairman and your District Chairman. Ask them to open the meeting and to pass an unambiguous resolution calling for a no vote on September 9, and refraining from offering any praise to the Governor.

This is a point at which a little effort from us can have a large influence for good. When you send your message, identify yourself as a member of a county committee, or of the state committee if such you are, but as a good and concerned Republican if you are not. Many who receive this message are generous contributors to Republican causes. If you are one such don't be reticent. Say so.

Also please copy me on what you send. If I get your message with your name (and to be effective you need to sign your name), and if you don't tell me otherwise I will assume that I have your permission to relay your message to others.

Please do this as soon as you receive this message. And-there's nothing that says you can't do it more than once.


Hugh McInnish
Madison County, Place 1
State Executive Committee

E-Mail These Members of the Steering Committee

E-Mail State Chairman Marty Connors E-Mail Sr. Vice Chair Greg Reed E-Mail Vice Chair Dist.1/2 Jerry Lathan
E-Mail Vice Chair Dist. 3/6/7 Bill Armistead E-Mail Vice Chair Dist. 4/5 David Scott E-Mail Nat'l Committeeman Edgar Welden
E-Mail Nat'l Committeewoman Bettye Fine Collins Call Dist. 1 Chairman Paul Parham, II (251) 246-5690 E-Mail Dist. 2 Chairman Paul Reynolds
E-Mail Dist. 3 Chairman Timothy Sprayberry E-Mail Dist. 4 Chairman Martha Stokes E-Mail Dist 5 Chairman Elbert Peters
E-Mail Dist. 6 Chairman Barry Stephenson E-Mail Dist. 7 Chairman Pierce Boyd