Huntsville, Alabama
July 15, 2003

Dear Fellow Republican,

Writers of dramatic plays sometimes insert a few lines that deviate from the main theme but provide a moment of comic relief, thus to allow the audience a moment to recover from the tension and ready them for more of the same.

Now, this tax issue that we have all been dealing with is a weighty thing. For some of us it's with us day and night, even to intruding sometimes into otherwise happy dreams. I have thought for some time that we need a little relief from this constant tension, but have not known what to do. Not being a playwright I've had no ideas for comic relief.

But suddenly a deus ex machina has descended from above. It has brought just the comic relief we all need in the form of a letter from a certain Mr. Kretzahl Slagfish. Read it and you should feel better.

Communication Received from
Mr. Kretzahl Slagfish

July 15, 2003

Hugh McInnnish is a small-minded, loud-mouthed southern politician with all the imagination typical of that set. In his spare time, he's an AM radio blowhole. My question is, what do you expect? He's obviously swallowed the Right's Christian dogma and smug righteousness at the same rate as he has cheeseburgers, thus insuring that he is as stupid and complascent as he is fat.

Kretzahl Slagfish

Now don't misunderstand me. I don't say that Mr. Slagfish's letter has no serious content. Although I haven't eaten a cheeseburger in years, I confess I have not been on an entirely fat-free diet, and his implied suggestion that I need to lose weight is not altogether without merit.

Here is yet another example of the good that can flow from our right of free speech!