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A Prayer for the Alabama Supreme Court


Hugh McInnish

Hugh, Wife Martha,
Granddaughter Maria
Almighty God, who holds the heart of kings in your hand, we acknowledge that you have determined a plan for these United States of America. We bless your Name for your hand of mercy upon this great land. We pray for your direction and intervention in the affairs of this land. And as the Supreme Court of Alabama considers the challenge to the eligibility of the current President, we pray that these judges will have wisdom to ascertain the truth, discernment to judge evidence, and courage to rule without regard to pressure. We ask this request in the name of King Jesus, our Saviour and Lord. Amen.-- Rev. John Killian

An impassioned prayer by an evangelical preacher from Birmingham for the justices of the Alabama Supreme Court? Such a singular occurrence cries out for explanation, and here it is:

I am the lead plaintiff in the case of McInnish v. Chapman now before the Court. In this case I, together with former candidate for president under the Constitution Party Virgil Goode, are asking the Court to issue a writ of mandamus to the Alabama Secretary of State requiring him (now Jim Bennett) to require Barack Obama to produce a bona fide birth certificate of the quality required for a teenager to get a driver's permit.

Our case, we believe, is different from all the others. It does not ask the Court to determine whether Obama is a natural-born citizen, nor to determine where he was born. We ask for something much simpler, that he submit a good copy of what a child needs to start school, or a young boy needs to join the Boy Scouts. Should Obama fail to make the required submission that would be grounds for de-certifying the vote he received in Alabama, and, we would hope, precipitate a national debate on this man's legitimacy for the office of president.

My good friend, who happens to be my lawyer in this case, provided the inspirational force motivating this newsletter. He in turn, being a George Patton admirer, was actuated by the famous prayer that Patton commissioned at Christmastime 1944. But I will let Dean Johnson himself tell this charming and moving story.


By Dean Johnson

Note: This story is a paraphrase of the narrative given in the books "War as I Knew It" by George S. Patton, Jr., as annotated by Col. Paul D. Harkins, Patton's Chief of Staff, and "Patton a Genius for War" by Carlo D'Este.

Where there are differences between the two sources I followed the book written by Gen. Patton himself.

As Christmas drew near during the Battle of the Bulge, General George Patton explained to his chaplain:

Chaplain, I am a strong believer in prayer. There are three ways that men get what they want; by planning, by working, and by praying. Any great military operation takes careful planning or thinking. Then you must have well-trained troops to carry it out: that's working. But between the plan and the operation there is always an unknown. That unknown spells defeat or victory, success or failure. It is the reaction of the actors to the ordeal when it actually comes. Some people call that getting the breaks; I call it God. God has His part, or margin, in everything. That's where prayer comes in.
(Verbatim from "Patton A Genius for War," cited above.)

Patton wanted his Chaplin to publish a prayer for good weather since he was tired of the soldiers having to fight mud and floods as well as Germans. Patton wanted a prayer.

Patton had the prayer printed on a card with a personal Christmas greeting from himself, and, on the 22nd of December, had it sent to each officer and man in his command.

Actually, the prayer had been written in order to bring clear weather for the planned Third Army break-through to the Rhine in the Saarguemines area, which had been scheduled for December 21.

But, the Battle of the Bulge put a crimp in these plans. As it happened, the Third Army had moved north to attack the south flank of the Bulge when the prayer was actually issued.

Bastogne was surrounded, and when the Germans demanded its surrender, the commander of the 101st Airborne, Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, replied with a defiant: "NUTS!!" When Patton heard of McAuliffe's refusal to surrender, he said: "Any man who is that eloquent deserves to be relieved (rescued). We shall go right away."

On the 23rd of December, the day after the prayer was issued, the weather cleared and remained perfect for about 6 days. Enough time to allow the Allies to break the backbone of the Von Rundstedt offensive and turn a temporary setback for the allies into what later became a crushing defeat for the enemy.

Because of the weather clearing, on December 23rd, the air forces made more than 200 supply drops into Bastogne, as its defenders, with dangerously low ammunition and supplies, hung on and repulsed a strong German attack.

Bastogne was finally relieved the afternoon of December 26th, even though the town remained surrounded on 3 sides, a corridor had been opened. It was not until January 12th that the bloody three week battle could be declared won.

Whether it was the help of the Divine guidance asked for in the prayer or just the normal course of human events, we never knew, according to Col. Paul Harkins. But, on the 23rd, the day after the prayer was issued; the weather cleared and allowed time to resupply Bastogne and to fight in fair weather. It appears that the prayer had been answered.


This story was the inspiration for our 9-11 prayer for the Alabama Supreme Court in the case of McInnish v. Chapman. Should the Court grant our request and order the Secretary of State to demand Obama's birth certificate, the corridor will be opened for the next avenue of the legal battle. Success in the present battle, will by no means mean that the conflict is over, it will only mean that the next phase will begin for the advancement of truth over the lies of the other side. Hence, our plea for prayers in our cause for the Alabama Supreme Court, which I wrote on the poignant date of 9-11-13. Please see it here.

07 Oct 13